This Offer Has Now Expired!

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This Offer Has Now Expired!

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Black Friday Celebration Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our brand new exclusive membership site we are running a Black Friday Mega Giveaway! 🥳 As a Legacy member if you upgrade to yearly today you are guaranteed the best deal! At midnight on Monday this offer expires and you will have to pay your usual full price! 😭


Natalie Paris

Win A free cameo from Natalie Paris!

Courtney Bowman

Win A free cameo from Courtney Bowman!

Maiya Quansah-Breed

Win A free cameo from Maiya Quansah-Breed!

Vicki Manser

Win A free cameo from Vicki Manser!

Jodie Steele

Win A free cameo from Jodie Steele!

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Legacy Membership

Black Friday Giveaway
£ 49
  • Free Entry To Epic Membership & Cameo Giveaway Included
  • 60% Off Regular Yearly Membership
  • Legacy Membership Status
  • Access Full Library Of 28 Session Videos
  • Plus 28 Song Selection Videos
  • One New Video Each Week
  • Legacy Only Access To All New Features, Content (& Merch 🤫)
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Legacy FAQs

Q. What Happens To My Patreon Subscription?

A. You are one of our most loyal Patreon members, that’s why you’re getting this offer. Once you upgrade to Yearly membership here through our new site your Patreon subscription will be cancelled from your next billing period.👌

Q. When Will The New Site Be Available?

A. We are so excited to share the new website with you, it’s gonna be bigger, better and open the doors to some amazing new Sunday Sessions features over the next few months. Our tech wizard Jason is deep in the Matrix getting everything ready for you and the new site should be up and running by the end of next week! #SendCoffee 🤓 

Q. What If I Don’t Want To Pay Yearly?

A. From next week we will be moving away from Patreon and all our content will live here on our brand spanking new site. This yearly upgrade offer is only available until Monday 30th at Midnight. After that you will still need to switch over your monthly billing at your old price if you want to keep receiving content, but you won’t get two months free and you’ll miss out on all the giveaways! 😭

Q. Is This Really The Best Deal Available?

A. You have been sent an individual discount code that knocks 60% off the full yearly price of Membership and you still get entered into the giveaway for free. That’s twice as good as the regular Black Friday Giveaway which new members will be paying £99 for. You’ve been with us from the start so we love you the most!💜